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[07 May 2005|07:03pm]
Haven't been doing much of anything latelty. This town just gets more and more dull everyday. Someone needs to throw a party soon and if its not like..Jay or something then I'll do it because we need one around here. There really is nothing good going on, nothing bad either just..nothing going on at all which sucks. I hung out with Ellie which is always cool but thats really all that I've been up too. Maybe someday soon when something of excitment actually happens..I'll update. Don't count on it though.
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[27 Apr 2005|12:03pm]
Was supposed to ditch school Monday but Hogart took too damn long to make up his mind. So I just skipped class anyways but stayed on school property. I went to auto shop to work on a car since no one really cares if I do anyways. He's always got work for me to do there, plus its a good way to stay out of class. I'm probably flunking like half my classes again, as long as I don't have to stay back I don't care.

Alright, I'm bored. Gonna go try and find something else to do.
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[25 Apr 2005|02:07pm]
What the hell is the point of this thing, exactly? Just sit around a computer all day and write down the exciting events of the day? So fucking lame. I don't give a shit about what everyone else is doing, I have enough trouble finding something to do on my own, why do I care what you people are doing? But i still have one. I don't know why though, guess its just what happens when you sit in MI class and listen to Simpson ramble on and on and decide you'd rather pull your fucking eyeballs out then listen to one more word from his mouth.

I should give some huge introduction and put my whole life story in here right now just so you can know all you want to know about me. But I'm not going to do that, becuase if I don't know who the hell you are, or if you don't know who I am..I sure as hell don't want you reading about me. So I'll just say this. MY name is Sean Cameron, I'm in grade ten at Degrassi Community school. I hang out with my friends, and I do what I do. That's all you need to know.

If you want to know more, I probably won't tell you. But you can IM me at Gangstarr Sean.
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